Stage 1


Original registration document of the vehicle from the country of origin

Photocopy of NIE certificate (or Certificate of Residence)

Photocopy of passport

Original bill of sale for vehicle (If claiming tax exemption)

Padron or one of the following as proof of address:

Photocopy of the escritura (deeds) to your property

Rental agreement

IBI (council tax) bill

All these documents will need to be submitted by us to the relevant government agencies.  

Please note that all documents must be in the name of the person in whose name the vehicle is registered


Stage 2


This is what will be checked on your vehicle the day of the ITV inspection:

  1. Exterior vehicle condition: mirrors, wiper blades and mudguards.

  2. Bodywork: condition of the bodywork, doors, windows, windshields, wheel arches, floor and base, stirrups and handles, bumper ...

  3. Signalling: Turn signals, stop lights, fault signalling, reversing lights, reflectors and horn.

  4. Lighting: Headlights, fog lights and rear license plate. Check if the beams of light reach the necessary distance without dazzling.

  5. Brakes: Braking effectiveness (for checking the circuit and the organs involved in the braking equipment and a visual inspection in a pit or lift) 
    They must brake equally for the two wheels of each axis.

  6. Direction: Control of the steering, detection of ball bearing clearances, alignment of wheels, steering column and steering column, ball joints and joints, power steering and steering damper.

  7. Axles and suspension: Control of front and rear axles, bearings, wheels, tires (and spare wheel), and suspension check.

  8. Frame, engine, and transmission: Chassis, gearbox, fuel tank, exhaust pipe, emission of polluting gases, noise level, electrical installation and battery.

  9. To pass the ITV test the Tyres on each axle must be identical although all 4 need not be the same. The must also be the correct speed rating.

  10. Tinted Windows are allowed as long as the tint is manufactured standard glass that came with the car. If you have tinted laminates on your vehicle they will need to be certificated, which we can arrange.

  11. Tow bars and and vehicle alterations must be homologated.

  12. A report from a qualified technical auto engineer which we will supply you with.

Stage 3

Once your vehicle has been passed at the testing centre we will arrange for the collection of your paperwork and pass the documentation onto our specialist legal team. Once in possession of the paperwork the team will deal with the traffic department and pay all taxes due for the vehicle.

We usally receive your paperwork in 7 to 10 days working days . We will then arrange a convenient time with you to deliver your documents and fit your new Spanish number plates.